W-2 Tax Information

W-2 Tax Information

UNC Pembroke is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file a form W-2 for all individuals who receive remuneration, including noncash payments, for services performed by an employee from whom: Social Security, Medicare, or income tax would/should have been withheld. 

Paper W-2s are mailed on an annually on the last working day of January.  If you have not received your W-2 Tax Statement or need a duplicate copy, and are an active University employee, you can access this information online. 

  • Electronic Consent Disclosure
  • Consent to Electronic W-2
  • Access and Printing your W-2
  • Requesting a Duplicate W-2
  • W-2 Instructions
  • 2010 W-2 Information

Electronic Consent Disclosure

UNC Pembroke is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to furnish all employees with a Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement each calendar year. The W-2 is used to complete the employee’s annual tax returns and details the employee’s wages, tax withholding, and other important payroll information. In previous years, employees received paper copies of their Form W-2.  As an alternative to the paper Form W-2, UNC Pembroke employees may elect to receive their W-2 electronically online through BraveWeb. Please read the entire notice and provide your consent to receive all future W-2’s in electronic format.

Benefits of Receiving Form W-2 Electronically

  • Earlier access to the Form W-2
  • Access is available at the same easy-to-use, secure web site at which an employee can access his/her wage and general account information.
  • Access can be attained even if the employee is not presently at his/her residence.
  • Employees can print multiple copies at their convenience.
  • W-2 statements will remain online for multiple years.
  • Employees are contributing to university cost containment.

Disclosure Notices

  • An employee who consents to receiving his/her Form W-2 online will not receive a paper copy of the W-2. If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy of the W-2 at the permanent address on file with UNC Pembroke. 
  • An employee who chooses to receive his/her Form W-2 online can change his/her mind and withdraw consent to online delivery.  Consent can be revoked for future years by unchecking the consent box on BraveWeb. This process need not be repeated every calendar year.
  • The provision of an employee’s W-2 by electronic format will cease upon an individual’s cessation of employment at UNC Pembroke.
  • If consent is withdrawn, it will be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued.
  • Employers must comply with specific IRS regulations to use electronic W-2’s and employees must provide their consent to receive an electronic W-2 instead of a paper copy.
  • This notice contains the required IRS disclosure information
  • Instructions for you to consent to receiving your W-2 electronically instead of a paper copy can be found on the Payroll website.
  • If you have any questions regarding this notice or the W-2 form, please contact the Payroll Office.
  • If an employee consents to electronic W-2 delivery and the delivery is unable to be made due to a technical problem, incorrect login or password, incorrect e-mail address, the employee may request a paper copy.
  • If there is any change in how to receive electronic delivery, employees will be notified immediately via e-mail or written notice.
  • If you completed the electronic consent correctly, you will receive an e-mail notification no later than January 31st with the subject line “Important Tax Return Document Available”.

W-2 Electronic Consent

Federal regulations require that employees give their consent to receive the W-2 in an electronic format.  Once consent is given it carries forward each year and does not need to be repeated. The process for giving consent to receive the electronic W-2 version is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  • From the UNC Pembroke Web page
  • Click on BraveWeb
  • Enter User Name and Password and login (secure access login)
  • Select Banner Self Service
  • Select Employee
  • Select Tax Forms
  • Select Electronic W-2 Consent
  • Check the box under “My Choice” to consent to receive your W-2 online.
  • Click Submit

If you wish to revoke your consent please go back into the Electronic W-2 Consent option and uncheck the box under My Choice.  An employee who consents to receiving his/her W-2 Form online will not receive a paper copy of the W-2.  If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy of the W-2.  Paper W-2s will be mailed, using the US Postal Service.

Accessing and Printing your W-2

The process to view and print the electronic W-2 version is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Log into BraveWeb with your User ID and password (secure access login)
  • Click Banner Self Service
  • Click on Employee
  • Under Employee click on Tax Forms
  • Click on W-2 Year End Earnings Statement
  • Click the appropriate Tax Year to view.
  • Click Display
  • Click Printable W-2
  • Enter your BraveWeb password
  • Click Submit

NOTE: To create Federal and State acceptable copies of your W2 to send in with your taxes, use the 'PRINT' option at the bottom of the Display page. This will take you to the actual W2 form.

Duplicate W-2s

  • Current Employees no longer need to request a duplicate of their W-2 form. 

    • Access to 2011 W-2s as well as all subsequent years will be available through BraveWeb as long as the individual is actively employed by UNC Pembroke.
    • Employees who have separated from UNC Pembroke will need to request a duplicate W-2 forms from the Payroll Office.  Please include your:
      • Full name
      • Employee (Banner) ID
      • The last four digits of your Social Security number
      • Date of Birth
      • Current mailing address
      • Security Concerns
        • W-2 forms cannot be faxed or emailed
        • They can be picked up in the Payroll Office with proper identification or mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.

Important Information regarding 2010 W-2

Please be aware that in 2010 UNC Pembroke transitioned from Central Payroll system in Raleigh to Banner Payroll.  The 2010 W-2s located online represent the earnings paid from the Banner Payroll system only.  If you need reprints of 2010 W-2s, please contact our office and we will make sure you receive the correct information for the year.