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Employee Self Service

All employees at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke can access Human Resource and Payroll information online through Braveweb.  Employees are able to complete leave reports, view benefit and deduction information, and change their mailing address.  Employees may also print their pay stubs through Self Service.


Deductions can be taken from your paycheck either before or after taxes are applied to your pay. Deductions can be taken for programs or services that you choose to purchase or participate in (such as charitable contributions), or they could be those required by law (such as taxes).
Deductions taken from your paycheck before taxes include:

  • Medical, dental and vision plan premiums you have elected to purchase
  • Required retirement contributions to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), Teachers’ and State Retirement System (TSERS).
  • Voluntary contributions to 403(b) and 457 Supplemental Retirement Accounts.
  • Voluntary contributions to Flexible Spending Account(s)
  • Fees for campus parking passes purchased
  • Other deductions (i.e. pre-tax retirement service credit purchases)

Deductions taken from your paycheck after taxes include:

  • Charitable donations you choose to make through payroll deductions such as UNCP Scholarships and/or UNCP Foundation.
  • Voluntary contributions you make to State Employees Association of NC (SEANC).
  • Life insurance you choose to purchase
  • Other deductions (i.e. after-tax retirement services)

Taxes taken from your paycheck as deductions:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Social Security
  • Medicare


A garnishment is a court order that directs the university to withhold money that is to be paid to a debtor from your paycheck, and to forward that money or property to the court for payment of a debt you owe. Your wages can be garnished because of debts to creditors, federal and state tax levies, or alimony and child support.
There are two ways you will know that there are garnishments to your paycheck. First, you should receive notification from an agency or court that your wages will be garnished. Secondly, you will be able to see the garnishments itemized on your paycheck.

  • Child Support - The appropriate County Child Support Enforcement Agency or court will send the university an order if you have had a child support order filed or a change on a current order.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - This type of garnishment stops all creditors that are listed in your filing agreement with the Chapter 13 Trustees from garnishing your checks (stops creditor garnishment only).
  • Creditor Garnishment - Any Court, Civil Court or Common Pleas Courts can require the university to garnish your paycheck as a result of a court judgment.
  • IRS Tax Levies - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can garnish your paycheck for tax levies the IRS has filed for any purpose such as taxes owed for property and back taxes. If you are married, the filing may be made on whichever person is employed by The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
  • Student Loan - The Student Loan Guarantor sends notification to garnish your paycheck if you are in default on your student loan.
  • IRS Payroll Deduction Agreements - This is a contractual agreement between you, the debtor, and creditors, to pay an agreed upon amount either monthly or biweekly.