Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be paid?

Students, contractors, and temporary employees are paid every two (2) weeks on Friday. Permanent employees (subject to retirement) will continue to be paid on the last official State workday of each month, with the exception of December, in which they may be issued earlier at the discretion of the Governor.

Nine-month faculty being paid for the first time by UNCP will receive payment for July through the month in which the check is issued. 

For example: If the first check issued by UNCP is at the end of September, the check will be for 3/12 (July, August, and September) of the contracted salary. The final payment for the contract year will be in June.

A complete list of pay days is displayed under \"Calendars\" on the Human Resources website

Will I receive a paystub?

Your pay information will be displayed in Braveweb Self-Service. To access: click Employee, click Pay information, and click Direct Deposit Breakdown or Pay Stub.

Can I elect to switch to a different pay schedule (Monthly to Bi-weekly or Bi-weekly to Monthly)?

Your pay schedule is based upon the type of position you hold at UNCP and will only change based upon a change to a new position with a different pay schedule.

Where do I view my vacation and other leave balances?

Your leave balance information will be displayed in Braveweb Self-Service. To access: click Employee, click Time Off Current Balances and History. Leave balance totals are updated at the end of each pay period.

Why is a link for the Bi-weekly Timesheet displayed on my self-service menu when I’m monthly?

The menu links displayed in self-service are for all employees.

Do I still have to sign up for direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is required by UNCP as a condition of employment. You will need to submit direct deposit forms to payroll as soon as you return to campus for the spring semester.

If so, where do I go to do so? 

The forms can be found on the Controller’s website: Go to Student Direct Deposit Form (Excel).

What are the current benefit rates? 




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Who do I call for support if I have questions regarding benefits or deductions on my paycheck?

You can call 910.775.4349.