Q: Is marching band a class?

A: Yes.  Students can register for one of the following for 1 credit hour (repeatable up to 8 times):
MUS 1181
WINDS (woodwind/brass) and COLORGUARD: Section 001
PERCUSSION: Section 002

Q: How are grades determined?

A: Grades are based on attendance, performance, and attitude. Specific information about grading can be found in the handbook.


Q: Do band members purchase their own uniform?

A: No, uniforms are provided to all band members. Students must purchase their own band/guard shoes.  Shoes for the hornline and drumline should be black lace-up marching band shoes with no other markings or colors (NOT tennis shoes); colorguard shoes should be black jazz-style shoes that can be used outside.  Appropriate shoes can be purchased from several online locations for around $35.


Q: How can parents be involved?

A: There is no formal organization for interested parents or alumni.  From time to time, we may request a parent's help in an area of their expertise.


Q: Where can band members find the other rules and regulations for the marching band?

A: The band handbook, which lists all the rules and standards for membership in the band, is available on Dropbox to participating members.


Q: What happens if a band member misses a rehearsal?

A: Conflicts that cause students to miss rehearsal are dealt with on an individual basis.  Students with a recurring class conflict that cannot be avoided must complete and turn in the Class Conflict form, signed by their staff member, in order to be excused.  If a student cannot register for marching band because of a conflict, they should speak to their respective staff member or contact the director. While we generally discourage students from participating in the marching band without being enrolled in the course, we understand that there are situations where this may be necessary. 


Q: Are there any auditions prior to band camp?

A: There are no auditions for woodwinds or brass prior to camp - only an informal assessment in sections for the staff to determine balance, etc. during camp.  All students will play scales, the UNCP Fight Song, and another selection on the first day of band camp.  The music for these songs is in the SOTC Winds Dropbox folder.  You must have this music memorized in order to successfully show your true abilities.

Drumline and colorguard: Click here for audition information.


Q: How do I move into my dorm/apartment early for band camp?

A: If you live on campus or in a university-owned apartment, you will receive your key when you check in for band camp.  If you live in an off-campus apartment, you will need to arrange early move-in with the apartment office.


Q: How much time does marching band take?  Will I have the time?

A: Weekly rehearsals are scheduled from 3:35-6:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Occasionally, sectionals may be called by the section leader and will be announced during rehearsal. Students rarely drop marching band because of time issues.

Freshmen sometimes decide to wait a year to join marching band so they do not overload their schedule their first year; however, many times, if a student does not join band their freshman year, they end up never joining.  It is easier to manage your time if you block out that time from the beginning.


Q: How many performances does the marching band have?

A: The marching band performs at all home football games, area parades, marching contests, and for university functions. On average the band performs about 8-10 times a year.


Q: What is the cost to be in marching band?

A: Other than having your own marching shoes, there is no cost for wind players or percussionists — in fact, we cover travel and give you a stipend, so you will get paid to participate!  Colorguard members are required to purchase their shoes and jacket, but the cost for those items is usually less than $75.


Q: How do I get into pep band (for basketball)?

A: An interest form for pep band will be emailed in November; most pep band members are drawn from the marching band, but it is not required for students to be in marching band to participate in pep band.


Q: When is band camp?

A: Band camp takes place the week before classes start.  The band camp schedule will be uploaded to the marching band Dropbox during the summer.


Q: Is camp required?

A: Yes, all SOTC members are required to attend band camp.


Q: What if I plan to march in a drum corps over the summer?

A: Here at UNC Pembroke we understand and appreciate the excitement and education that can come with participating with the world's elite drum and bugle corps. UNCP marching band members have performed with such corps as The Cadets, Southwind, Magic, Tarheel Sun, Carolina Crown, Teal Sound, Spirit of Atlanta, Pioneer, and Carolina Gold (DCA). We are willing to help work around camp schedules that do not interfere with university performances. Students who perform with corps during the same may also be excused from band camp if the tour is still occurring when camp begins (with staff approval). For more information on drum corps in the United States visit dci.org or dcacorps.org.


Q: Are instruments provided?

A: Mellophones, marching baritones, and sousaphones are provided; other instruments are available to check out through the Music Resource Center.


Q: Are stipends available?

A: YES (depending on budget)!!  Students who are registered for the marching band class (see Question 1) are eligible to receive stipends at the end of the season. Stipend amounts go up the longer you participate in marching band, but if one of the first questions you ask about band is, "How much will I get paid?" the SOTC may not be for you.


Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Read the marching band handbook.  This serves as the course syllabus and describes our rehearsal procedures and other important aspects of the UNCP athletic bands.