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Undergraduate Withdrawal Application

Directions: Please complete and sign this form online. While it is our preference that this form be submitted through the online form, we also want to present the option of submitting a hard copy. If you would prefer to submit a hard copy, then please print, complete and return to the Office of the Registrar.

Reasons for Withdrawal
*All answers kept confidential
I am registered for a second 8 week course(s)

Following the submission of this application, a REQUIRED page will show up. This page will need to be printed, signed, and faxed to the Office of the Registrar (Fax Number: 910-521-6328) 

The date that you submit this form or the date of notification, whichever is later, will be considered your last date of attendance for financial aid and student accounts purposes. Your financial aid may be adjusted if you withdraw before 60% of the semester is completed. Students accounts will adjust tuition, fees, room and board charges based on a pro-rated basis. (Please see the Office of the Controller.)

Copies of this form are forwarded to the student's advisor, the Dean of Students, the Chief Student Affairs Judicial Officer, Student Accounts, the Director of Financial Aid and the Director of Retention and Advisement.