Writing Intensive Program


Dear faculty colleague,

Writing is a valuable learning tool that can help students assimilate, synthesize, analyze, and apply course content.

We offer assistance to you in bringing your students the benefits of writing in class and on assignments.

We have devised innovative ways to use writing to increase learning in your courses.

We're aware of the numerous scholar-skill inadequacies your students bring to classes. We know you want:

  • richer class discussions,
  • students engaged in their learning, and
  • a higher quality of performance on assignments.

We have considered a variety of ways to integrate writing and critical thinking with active learning in the classroom.

Like you, we know that with enhanced thinking skills, students will be better able to pose questions, suggest hypotheses, and collect and evaluate data.

After examining a variety of important works on writing across the curriculum and critical thinking, we have found that professors who integrate writing into their courses increase their own satisfaction and pleasure from teaching.

However, improving learning through writing does not happen by accident. Instructors have to plan for it.


The Writing Intensive Program