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Criminal Justice Degree

The Criminal Justice Program provides students with a thorough understanding of the social organization and administration of the criminal justice system. Courses are offered in theories of crime and delinquency, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and administration. A criminal justice agency internship is required for most students, but an additional criminal justice course may be substituted for students with extensive prior work experience related to criminal justice.

The Criminal Justice Program at UNC Pembroke is accredited by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

Sociology Degree

Sociologists seek to understand and study the social world and how human beings come to think and act as they do. Sociology majors develop an understanding of how society is developed out of intricate patterns of human social organization, learn to create and use scientific tools of analysis, and practice the application of scientific knowledge to the analysis of social problems and the transformation of society.

Students have available many opportunities to apply the theories and research methods of sociology through classroom-based activities and community-based experiential learning and internships as they explore career alternatives. Sociology is a liberal arts major that prepares students for a wide variety of career fields.

Online Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice

All students intending to pursue the Sociology or Criminal Justice Degree online must ensure that they transfer all of UNCP's General Educaton requirements (includine two hours of physical education) in order to complete the degree online. UNCP will offer all of the Sociology or Criminal Justice courses required for the online degree, but non-major courses arenot necessarily offered online.