M.A.T. Birth-to-Kindergarten

M.A.T. in Birth-to-Kindergarten

What you need to know:

Our Master of Arts in Teaching in Birth to Kindergarten is just the program for you if you want to achieve your goal and want to do it online!

· Fully online, asynchronous, 30-hour program

· Licensure in birth to kindergarten in the state of North Carolina for candidates with a four-year bachelor's degree

· Specifically designed to help students pass the edTPA (required for NC licensure)

· Program culminates in a semester-long internship. The internship must be completed in an NC preschool setting.


Excellent education for an affordable cost -- approximately $8,272 tuition and fees. Compare us with anyone!

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Apply Here!

1. Create an account, then log in.
2. Start a new application for The Graduate School.
3. Click on Master's and then Birth to Kindergarten M.A.T.
4. Begin the application.

Admission Requirements:

· 2.75 undergraduate cumulative GPA (or 2.65-2.74 provisional)

· Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (No GRE required)

· email address for 2 professional references 

· Personal Statement (150-250 words) · Admission to Educator Preparation Acknowledgment form (will fill out during the application process)

Residency Licensure

North Carolina offers an alternate pathway to become a teacher called the Residency License. This route allows qualified individuals to obtain a teaching position and begin teaching while obtaining a clear professional educator's license through a teacher preparatory institution, such as UNCP. More UNCP RL information here. To enroll, you must have been offered employment by an LEA (Local Education Agency) in North Carolina. Students may earn our MAT degree without being a Residency License student.

Residency licensure students, please fill out this form.

Course Progression

Below are the courses needed to complete the degree:

EDN Core Courses

___EDN 5040 Introduction to Basic Tenets of Education/15 hours field experience

___EDN 5120 Advanced Study of the Exceptional Child/10 hours field experience

___EDN 5450 Introduction to Curriculum Design/20 hours field experience

Pedagogy Courses

___ECE 5020 Child Guidance in Birth to Kindergarten

___ECE 5060 Assessment in Birth to Kindergarten

___ECE 5080 Emergent Literacy in Birth to Kindergarten

___ECE 5090 Math & Science in the Early Years

Content Courses

___SED 5010 Policies and Procedures in Special Education

___ECE 5120 STEAM in Birth to Kindergarten


___EDN 5180 Internship Practicum


Questions can be directed to the program director via email at sandra.plata-potter@uncp.edu.