Art Department Mission Statement

The principal function of the Art Department within the University is to promote the student's ability to see, consider, and actively engage in visual culture. We provide opportunities for broad artistic and intellectual development to the University body at large, and specifically nurture and support a quality liberal arts education.

The department believes knowledge of studio art, art education, art history, aesthetics and related technologies is essential to success in the art world and sound components of a well-rounded individual.

Our department promotes inclusion and appreciation of the values of all people. We strive for a diverse curriculum to complement the university's diverse student body. We encourage art students to engage in the extended art world through professional development, international programs, and the study of global visual culture in an environment of free inquiry. We cultivate individual visual expression through media exploration and learning communities within the department and across the curriculum. 

We believe our department serves the community at large by providing continued exposure to the arts, producing licensed art teachers and encouraging student participation in the community via internships and leadership roles.

The faculty is committed to excellence in personalized undergraduate and graduate teaching, innovative research, and instruction in a variety of formats (textual, oral, media- and exhibition-based).

We also strive to provide a learning environment that is conducive to intellectual and aesthetic creativity. The department seeks to present the faculty and students with opportunities, resources, and awards to achieve excellence in their respective disciplines.