Held In Higher Light

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Held in Higher Light:  UNCP Student Thesis Exhibition

On View: November 7, 2019 through November 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7, 4:30-6:00 p.m.


The A.D. Gallery is pleased to present the student thesis exhibition entitled Held In Higher Light. Featured artists include Kathryn Ogden Humphreys, M.A. Art Education, and B.A.  Art students, Tapanga Bullard, Lemuel Subdias, and Joseph Miller.  The show consists of different art forms such as paintings, digital art print, and video.

Kathryn Ogden Humphreys’ series is centered on creating a visual narrative on the effects of Parkinson’s disease on her father, Duke Orthopedic surgeon and teacher, Dr WS Ogden and her mother, his caretaker, Lou Ogden. “I wanted to create a timeline showing the vitality of youth leading to unexpected circumstances, in this case Parkinson’s, that effect mobility and cognitive issues. I also wanted to portray hope and dignity amidst the devastation of this debilitating disease,” said Ms. Humphreys.

Tapanga Bullard’s still life series “Mason Jars 1-10" displays mason jars holding different foods and beverages as a way of celebrating many years of family traditions. Ms. Bullard is a well-known artist in her community and is known for her realistic and colorful acrylic paintings. Her artwork reflects family traditions that are carried on in the Southern States. She uses simple objects to create still life paintings that many people can relate to or find familiar, while also keeping a personal connection to them due to the stories behind the paintings. The ideas for her still life paintings are often created from her memories and family traditions.  

Lemuel Subdias will be displaying a series titled “Reflections.” His series compose a visual diary in three different elements. The first one focuses on a reflection of sexuality, the second reflects emotions, and the third is a focus of creativity. He is very introspective of how these areas have changed over the course of time, from middle school to the present. He combines traditional art and digital art to create portraits. He most recently won the Peach Belt Conference Art Exhibition in March 2019.

Joseph Miller’s wide variety of urban and rural landscapes is a collection of paintings accumulated over the last 2 years. The 22-piece collection has hints of old masters, and newly discovered styles. The scenes are a mixture of imagined landscapes and personal experiences. Miller finds beauty in storms and different weather patterns as well as sunny days. He wants viewers to take away from his work a sense of amazement of landscape and storm magnitude as well as peaceful paintings.