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DSO History

History of DSO

The acronym DSO stands for Disabled Student Organization. The DSO was founded in 2002. It was the brainchild of founding member Daniel Young. The founding members were Daniel, Lenora, Leila, Jerry, Donald, and Maranda. As a group, we wanted to advocate for people on campus with all kinds of disabilities, educate others on campus about people with disabilities, and advocate for people with disabilities in the surrounding communities.

The DSO hosts different types of activities throughout the year. These activities help UNCP students as well as the community. They also show our school spirit and great teamwork. Please take a look at all of our accomplishments over the past few years.

In 2004, the Disabled Student Organization applied for national fraternity status with the help of Jessica Puckett. We were accepted into Delta Sigma Omicron, a national service fraternity. Our acceptance started the beginning of a more organized group of students with a clear focus. Check out where we were at the founding stages of the Disabled Student Organization and where we are today. The DSO has quickly become a shining force at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and we are continuously working to improve and get out the message that students with disabilities not only have a support system, but a message to share with the campus and community.

Thank you for inquiring about The Disabled Student Organization. Always remember that we are not just a group with a voice, but a bunch of wonderful, colorful people who are there for each other.


Past Presidents

1. Lenora Parker

2. Jerry McQueen

3. Maranda McQuage

4. Jessica Puckett

5. Leila Mayer

6. Alan Chase 2006-2007

7. Samantha Garrison 2007-2008

8. Jessica Smith 2008-2009

9. Richard Haynes, Jr. 2009-2010

10. Daria Bannerman 2010-2011

11. Ashton Young 2011-2012

12. Liana Spinner 2012-2013