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Fall 2024 WAIVER/ENROLLMENT PERIOD DEADLINE: June 1, 2024 – September 10, 2024

(Students in a fully online program DO NOT need to complete a waiver)

Please note the following: Students enrolled in 6 (six) credit hours or more, consisting of on campus classes, who do not have insurance, or who have inadequate coverage, can enroll in the university sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

Health insurance is a requirement for students meeting specific eligibility criteria. An affordable Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is offered through Student Blue from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, or students may elect to keep their current health insurance coverage if they are already covered by an individual plan or through a parents’ plan. Visit to waive out of the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Deadline to take action (either enroll in, or waive out of, SHIP):     BCBS of NC logo

 Fall semester           September 10
 Spring semester          January 31


  • Distance education students (students taking off campus and Internet only courses)
  • Students who submit evidence of equivalent coverage satisfactory to the policyholder

SHIP benefits and rate information

SHIP is offered to students at a reasonable base rate with benefits including wellness incentives, prescription benefits and basic vision coverage. This plan provides coverage that is billed per semester via the student’s tuition bill. Coverage periods are from August 1 to December 31 for fall semester and January 1 to July 31 for spring semester. UNCP SHS will file claims to SHIP for services rendered at SHS. It is the policy holder’s responsibility to file claims or follow up for claims and/or correspondence from outside providers.

Student Blue has a website just for UNCP parents and students. To view plan benefits, including a general summary, medical benefits, and health/wellness benefits, visit the Student Blue for UNCP benefits page.

Rate information (billed on a semester basis)

Student Blue now offers 2 options for students: 

Value Plan (Default)

  • Fall Semester $1,182.28* (effective dates 08/01/24 — 12/31/24)
  • Spring Semester $1,182.28* (effective dates 01/01/25 — 07/31/25)

Premium Plan

  • Fall Semester $1,475.32* (effective dates 08/01/24 — 12/31/24)
  • Spring Semester $1,475.32* (effective dates 01/01/25 — 07/31/25)

For more information, please visit or call Student Health Services at 910.521.6219.