Student Health Services (SHS) offers primary health care to students.

Medical excuses for students may be obtained from Student Health Services only when the student sees the doctor or nurse BEFORE class is missed.

Available medical services include:

  • Provider visits
  • Same day care
  • Prescriptions
  • Routine gynecologic examinations
  • Contraceptive health education
  • Family planning resources
  • Injections
  • Laboratory services, including STI testing
  • Nursing consultations on a variety of health-related issues
  • Minor injury treatment
  • Health promotion and well-being education and events
  • Screenings
  • Limited* pharmacy services

*Student Health Services does not have a pharmacy on campus.

Health Fee and Insurance

Students enrolled at UNCP pay a Student Health Services Fee as part of their tuition and fees each semester. All students who pay the Student Health Fee are eligible, at no cost. The Student Health Fee covers access to health professionals, health education programs and events. The Student Health Fee will also help cover co-payments due for primary care services.  For most services covered by the health fee, student’s health insurance is not billed. This practice benefits students because any copay or coinsurance amount does not apply as it would if their insurance had been billed. This approach ensures that cost is not a barrier to access for students requiring these healthcare services. However, any lab work, prescriptions, or diagnostic services will be billed to your health insurance. Students must present their student identification card and health insurance card at every appointment. SHS will electronically file your primary insurance. Students referred for hospitalization, specialty care, and diagnostic services not offered through SHS are responsible for the cost of these services, unless covered by health insurance.

For any questions, feel free to contact Student Health Services, 910.521.6219.