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PURC Center

CURE Development Grant

UNC System CourseBased Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) Development Grant

Through a grant provided by the UNC General Administration, the Pembroke Undergraduate Research & Creativity Center invites UNCP faculty to apply for funding to ingrain undergraduate research projects into the courses they teach. 

In STEM disciplines, a CURE project might begin as part of a faculty member’s own research program, offering research experience beyond lab assistantships to a broader array of students. In arts, humanities, social sciences, and business programs, CUREs might leverage individual students’ interests in the instructor’s area of expertise. Either way, CUREs cultivate skills that support the development of higher- order research.

CURE projects eligible for PURC funding may range from a short module embedded in an existing course to a semester-long research project. The CURE could be for undergraduate students at any level, from introductory to senior students. Faculty will receive a stipend of $250 paid at the end of the spring semester. Stipend recipients must assess the impact of UR on students in their course over the semester and produce a brief report at semester’s end noting course experiences and results on student success. Recipients must also attend this spring’s UNC System-Wide Undergraduate Research Development Summit on Friday, March 23th and Saturday, March 24th (with PURC support). 

For examples of appropriate CURE projects, please visit http://curenet.cns.utexas.edu/projects.

To read about previous receipients visit here: http://www.robesonian.com/news/education/98993/uncp-faculty-showcase-their-research 

For assessment models and suggestions, see:

Proposal will take the form of a non-technical proposal of one page (11 point font, with 1-inch margins) that includes the following:

  • Title
  • Name and position at UNCP
  • Description of proposed CURE project (Course number and title, department, status as General Education course)

Deadline for proposals is December 15, 2017. Last-year’s recipients are not eligible for funding this year, but may reapply for future funding. Awards will be announced by December 20, 2017.  Please address questions and submit proposals to Ryan Anderson (ryan.anderson@uncp.edu) and Scott Hicks (scott.hicks@uncp.edu).

All awardees are expected to participate in a two-day CURE Summit at UNCG scheduled for to be scheduled for March 23-24th.  In accordance with conditions specified in General Administration’s funding of the Development Grants from which awardees will be funded and to foster system-wide collaboration, awardees will be expected to share their CURE projects with awardees and program participants system-wide.