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Passport Credit

Students can complete Internships as part of BUS 1005 (Involvement) requirement. In order to receive Passport Credit:

1. Complete the Employer Internship Application.

2. Submit the application for approval to .

3. Once the internship is approved, submit your final timesheet or a letter on company letterhead from your supervisor showing you have completed 120 hours of work on canvas.

For Academic Credit

Internships for academic credit can be paid or unpaid. The number of credit hours (3) and the requirements for academic credit are detailed in the UNCP Course Catalog

1. Submit approved resume to Brave Opportunities website (resume can be approved by Executive in Residence or Career Center Staff)

2. Complete the Student Internship Application.

3. Find an internship

-If you have already have an internship in mind, have the company complete the Employer Internship Application.

-If you are still looking for an internship, visit the Handshake website or contact The Career Center at 910-521-6270. Once you have determined where you will intern, have the company complete the Employer Internship Application. 

Handshake Application -

4. Once the Student and Employer Internship applications have been submitted to the Executive in Residence for Internships your request will be approved or denied. This should happen prior to the start of the semester.

5. Once approved, sign up for the internship class and receive a copy of the syllabus outlining requirements to successfully complete the internship class.


An Experiential Internship program is not for academic credit but for experience and exposure into a particular industry. An Experiential Internship can be paid or unpaid. The internship can help students develop career interest, develop a professional network, and help build experience and marketable skills.

1. Submit approved resume to Handshake or Career Center Staff)

2. Email faculty member assigned to the course with the name of the company and contact information for your internship.