Family NSO

First Year Family Orientation

Family & Supporter Orientation

Attending college can be an exciting and challenging time for families and the experience is different for each student.

Students are not the only ones who are faced with change when they choose to attend college. When a family member attends college, the entire family experiences change. Students find newfound freedoms and move towards independence.

As your student becomes independent, former roles may need to be shift as students balance their new responsibilities. Families may learn new ways to support their college student. In this new role you join the university in supporting your student’s success.

Family Participation in Orientation

During your student’s online registration for New Student Orientation, your student will be given the opportunity to register family members and/or guests to attend Family Orientation. Reservations for family members and/or supporters require a $60 nonrefundable payment for each person. There is a maximum of two family members per student. Your presence will undoubtedly play a significant role in ensuring a smooth transition into college life for your student.

We are also excited to offer on-campus family and supporter housing during overnight orientation sessions for an additional $36.75 per person.


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