About Us


New Student Programs serves as a campus leader in facilitating a supportive transition process for students to create a foundation of success at UNC Pembroke.  

New Student Programs achieves our mission by empowering students to:​

  • Discover their passions through transformative educational experiences and self-exploration that fosters personal and academic growth.  ​
  • Belong at UNCP through active participation and commitment to their discipline, career, and campus community.​
  • Thrive academically and socially through shared campus experiences cultivated by UNCP's unique history and resources in order to meet the changing needs of our diverse and inclusive community.


Students that actively participate in our transformative experiences should achieve the following:

NSP’s Vision for Inclusive Excellence

New Student Programs fosters inclusive excellence with welcoming and supportive environments by recognizing our diverse backgrounds and experiences through:

  • Inclusive transformative educational opportunities.
  • Equitable resources and connections with faculty, staff and students.
  • Facilitated development of a more inclusive campus culture through programs and initiatives.
  • Adapting to the needs of our campus community to ensure a holistic development of our students socially and academically.