What to Expect

What to Expect When Starting an Audit

The Audit Process


Your Involvement

 Most of the audit work is done behind the scenes at our office; however at times we will need your assistance:

  • Entrance Meeting with key leaders in your area to discuss the audit process and the anticipated audit scope.
  • Risk discussions with management includes meeting individually with key leaders and select staff to gain an overview of their area of operations and the related risks.
  • Notify staff members of fraud reporting hotline - Internal Audit and/or NC State Auditor.
  • Fieldwork is the phase in which we conduct testing. We may need to meet with staff to obtain supporting documentation, to better understand processes, or to discuss potential areas of concern.
  • Draft report/Draft observations. You will receive draft copies of the report and any observations prior to the exit meeting.
  • Exit meeting is conducted with key leaders in your area to discuss the results of the audit.
  • Provide responses to any findings. You will have the opportunity to formally respond to any audit findings.
  • Final review of draft report. A final draft of the report with your responses to findings will be shared with you before the report is released.
  • Report is issued.
  • Follow up