Friends of GPAC

Since 1975, the Givens Performing Arts Center has invested a commitment of bringing the best of the performing arts to the southeast region of North Carolina. Making your performing arts center work requires the work, energy and talents of many, including a special group - The Friends of GPAC. You can join this elite group and help to ensure the arts continue. As a Friend, you will be entitled to special benefits, as listed below. Please help us to continue to grow by giving!

You can join the Friends of GPAC online today! Go to and find the drop down menu for Givens Performing Arts Center or call the GPAC team at 910.521.6361 for donation assistance.


2019-20 Friends of GPAC

Thank you to all of our friends who have supported this season!

Superstar ($1,000+)

Brad and Twilla Allen

Dr. & Mrs. David Allen

Dr. Robin & Mrs. Rebecca Cummings

Marion & Trice Craddock

Mike Brown & Floyd Locklear

Don & Linda Metzger

Adolphus Lee Turner

Arnold West

Showstopper ($750-$999)

Dr. & Mr. Kelly & Jack Ficklin

Conducter ($500-$749)

Greg Givens

Mrs. Ila Killian

Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Djauna Register

Tommy & Marion Thompson

Producer ($250-$499)

Gerald Berry

Dr. Cherry M. Beasley   

Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Alease Cummings

Lucy B. Simmons

Mr. Kemp & Mrs. Sylvia Stewart

William G. & Mary P. Tubbs

Director ($100-$249)

Maxine Amos

Dr. James & Mrs. Paula Bass      

Dorothy Blue                               

Woodberry Bowen                      

Corey Brittain

Gregg Givens

Todd Harris                                  

Mr. & Mrs. Thompson Jones

Sidnet Lenier       

Dr. Mary Ann Masters

Elinor Newberry   

Henry Oxendine

Jodi Phelps

Bill & Cindy Peele

Dr. Susan Peters           

Wendy Pridgen                             

Dr. Gilbert Sampson

Dedra Sanderson

Dr. Sara Simmons

Justin Smith                                                          

Mr. & Mrs. Merle Summers                 

Mr. Chris & Mrs. Emily Summers

Ruth Tremblay                        

Thomas Wynn               

Patron ($50-$99)

Jennifer Austin

Dorothy Blue

Amy Cox

James Kirkland

Chad Locklear

Eddie Locklear

Sarah Jane Oxendine

Tina Rodgers

Bobbie Scott

Lester Southern

Giuseppe & Beth Terranova

Supporter ($20-$49)                                    

Sandra Lee Carr

Myrta Cox

Paula Cummings

Dr. Jonathan Drahos

Vanessa Hawes                                                     

John Porter Lillis                            

Martha Locklear                                                                            

Tina Locklear                                                                                                                                   

Sylvia McLean                           

Dr. Lisa Mitchell

Sara Oswald                                            

Bobbie Scott                                                                     

Felicia Scott