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The ACMSC is for anyone who has an interest in computers and technology. Joining the ACMSC will help its members stay connected to the world and provide up-to-date information regarding modern and future technologies. During our meetings, members will get a chance to meet fellow UNCP students who have the same interests and share a space to collaborate on coding challenges, practice interviews, partake in robotic projects, listen to speakers, and more! 

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If you’d like more information regarding ACM please contact the executive team:

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Coding Challenge Winner Caleb Gilbert
Hack NC 2022
Hack NC 2022
Presenting at Wesley Pines Retirement Community
ACM Meeting
Presentation at Wesley Pines Retirement Community
For any additional information and inquiries, contact ACM advisory board: Dr. Prashanth Reddy (primary), Dr. Haitao Zhao, Dr. Elliott Hollifield, and the CS department head (Dr. Selvarajah Mohanarajah).