AIS Courses

AIS class

Listed below are courses offered through American Indian Studies. For a more detailed course description, visit the UNCP catalog.

Departmental (AIS)

  • AIS 1010. Introduction to American Indian Studies (Service-Learning)
  • AIS 2010. American Indian Cultures
  • AIS 2390. American Indian Education
  • AIS 3400. American Indians and Film
  • AIS 3600. History and Culture of the Lumbee
  • AIS 3950. Archaeology in North Carolina
  • AIS 4020. Federal Policy and the American Indian
  • AIS 4040. Field Methods in Archaeology
  • AIS 4050. Contemporary Issues of American Indians
  • AIS 4520. Meso-America Before European Contact
  • AIS 4600. American Indian Health
  • AIS 4990. Independent Study in American Indian Studies
  • AISS 2XXX. Special Topics in American Indian Studies
  • AISS 4XXX. Special Topics in American Indian Studies


  • AIS 2170. North American Indian Art History (ART 2170)


  • AIS 2310. Race, Culture, and the Lumbee Experience (EDN 2310)


  • AIS 2200. Native American Literature (ENG 2200)
  • AIS 2410. Environmental Literature (ENG 2410)
  • AIS 3440. The Native American Novel (ENG 3440)
  • AIS 3470. Native American Poetry (ENG 3470)
  • AIS 4500. Seminar in Native American Literature (ENG 4500)


  • AIS 1100. History of the American Indian to 1865 (HST 1100)
  • AIS 1110. History of the American Indian since 1865 (HST 1110)
  • AIS 3240. Indians of Latin America (HST 3850)
  • AIS 3260. Indians of the Southeast (HST 3260)
  • AIS 4230. Indigenous Women (HST 4230)
  • AIS 4650. Indian Residential and Boarding School Narratives

    (HST 4650)


  • AIS 2130. American Indian Religious Traditions (REL 2130)
  • AIS 4150. Amerindian Oral Traditions (REL 4150)

Social Work

  • AIS 3880. Native American Populations (SWK 3880/SOC 3880)


  • AIS 1050. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SOC 1050)
  • AIS 3880. Native American Populations (SWK 3880)


In addition to the rigorous intellectual and academic goals of American Indian Studies at UNCP is a central philosophical and practical commitment to affirm contemporary Native American sovereignty through supporting Native communities’ short and long-term needs. AIS classes that involved service learning form a fundamental part of this philosophy, because they allow students, faculty, and staff to forge dynamic community-university partnerships beyond the campus boundaries. Students become active participants in the daily lives of the Indian people within whose community our university exists, and community members gain additional insight into the interests and activities of American Indian Studies students at UNCP. American Indian Studies service learning courses strive to mutually benefit UNCP students and Southeast American Indian community members.

Study Abroad

International Indigenous Exchange Consortium (IIEC) offers experiential opportunities for study abroad to learn about the histories and cultures of Indigenous global peoples. The program is open to any UNCP student, with current study abroad travel to Canada, Australia, and Hawaii.