Service-Learning Faculty Fellows


The UNCP Academic Service-Learning Faculty Fellows connect courses with the community through high-impact academic service-learning opportunities in order to enhance student learning, faculty curriculum, and address local community and surrounding region needs.


Faculty Fellows work to create a campus environment that supports teaching and learning opportunities in which service is greatly valued, practiced, evaluated, and recognized through academic service-learning. UNCP Academic Service-Learning supports the mission of UNCP, “Changing Lives through Education”, by supporting students to achieve the lifelong skills, knowledge, and character to graduate as civically engaged and competent citizens

Service-Learning Goals:

Group of nursing students gathered in front of the School of Nursing truck.
Goal 1:

Recruit and develop faculty in academic service-learning across all disciplines and surrounding schools.

Award presentation during the faculty award ceremony. Photo taken in front of the UNCP backdrop.
Goal 2:

Provide support for faculty and staff teaching service-learning courses.

Group of students outside of a community partners location.
Goal 3:

Develop new and strengthen existing community-based partnerships in high-impact service-learning programs.

Group of students working together around the table in the library.
Goal 4:

Engage at least 50% of first-year students in high-impact academic service-learning.

Award presentation given to 12 students standing in front of the Community and Civic Engagement backdrop.
Goal 5:

Create and institutionalize a campus culture of service for students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding communities.

Faculty Fellow Members: