Scholarships & Endowments


Endowments are a vital source of private support at UNCP. They can be used to fund scholarships, professorships, programming, and other important work of the university. When your gift is endowed, we only spend the interest it earns, allowing your support to live and grow in perpetuity, creating a secure foundation for long-term initiatives. Endowments are established with a minimum of $25,000, which is invested for one year prior to an award being made. UNCP has an investment committee which reviews the investment portfolio and determines the annual spending allowance.

Privately-Funded Scholarships

Scholarships provide security and encouragement for students, and can be need- or merit-based. We will be pleased to work with you in establishing a scholarship gift agreement that honors your commitment and addresses the needs of our students.  The scholarship worksheet (available for download below) provides a framework for your scholarship.  There are two types of scholarships at UNCP: 

  • Annual Scholarship: This is a scholarship that funded directly by donor contributions. The scholarship is awarded only as long as the donor continues to make annual contributions. Annual scholarships can be awarded in the academic semester immediately following the first contribution.
  • Endowed Scholarship: This is a permanent scholarship that is funded by the interest earned on funds given by a donor.  The minimum gift to endow any fund at UNCP is $25,000, which must be given within a period of five years. Once the minimum is met and interest has been earned on the principal for at least one year, the scholarship can be awarded.