UNCP Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

UNCP's Strategic Plan is comprised of 5 distinct goals, each with a set of objectives, to be accomplished throughout the duration of the Strategic Plan. Goals are listed below, and objectives can be viewed on each goal page. 

GOAL 1: Promote student success through excellence and innovation in academic programming.

GOAL 2: Enrich the student experience through engaged learning and enhanced student support services.

GOAL 3: Expand institutional resources and enhance operational excellence.

GOAL 4: Embrace and celebrate UNCP's unique identity.

GOAL 5: Enhance and expand regional and community engagement.

GOAL 1: Innovative Academic Programming
GOAL 2: Engaged and Supported Student Experiences
GOAL 3: Operational Excellence
GOAL 4: Celebrate UNCP's Uniqueness
GOAL 5: Regional and Community Engagement
Suggested Strategies for Implementation