College Student Expectations Questionaire (CSXQ) and College Student Experiences Questionaire (CSEQ)

 During the 2010-2011 academic year, several new assessment instruments were used at UNCP. Two of these were the College Student Expectations Questionnaire (CSXQ) and the College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CSEQ). The CSEQ assesses the quality of effort students expend in using institutional resources and opportunities provided for their learning and development. The CSXQ is designed to evaluate new student expectations for college including their goals, motivations, and future plans. When paired with the CSEQ administered toward the end of students' first year in college, it is possible to assess the degree to which student and institutional expectations are met.

Both instruments ask about: College Activities (library, information technology, expectations related to faculty, course learning, use of campus facilities, clubs, organizations, service projects, experiences with other students, scientific/quantitative experiences, conversations), Reading, Writing, Satisfaction, and the College Environment. The CSXQ was administered early in the fall semester of 2010 to 671 students in freshmen seminar courses. The CSEQ was administered late in the spring semester of 2011 to 326 students in English 1060 courses. Of these 326, 109 were first-year students and 99 were seniors. Results of the CSXQ as well as the CSEQ (for both freshmen and seniors) are presented in this report.