Request for Dining Services

Business Services Policy PC 01 94

A. Purpose:  To provide guidance for the use of the Dining Services at UNC Pembroke.

B. Scope:   This policy applies to all UNC Pembroke employees and departments.

C. Policy:   Dining services (catering) are offered to all UNC Pembroke departments, groups, and camps, through the current Food Services Contractor. The Catering Catalog can be found online. All departments are to utilize this source whenever providing refreshments, food items, and catered events.

REQUEST FOR DINING SERVICES FORM:  A Request for Dining Services form is available from the Food Service Contractor (located in the University Center cafeteria, ext. 6360). This form is to be used only for requesting services from the Food Service Contractor. This form should be initiated by the using department at least two weeks prior to the event.

D. Procedures:

1.   Check the availability of a room for the date you have selected.  Reserve the room with the appropriate facility manager.

2.   Complete the Request for Dining Services form and return it to the Food Services department. Be sure to complete all areas and secure the appropriate facility manager signatures. In order for Accounts Payable to process the requisition in a timely, the following areas must be completed properly:

Date of Event Event Type Facility Mgr.'s Initial Today's Date Department Account # (use object code 3981 for all prepared meals) Authorizing Signature Purpose of Event

3.   The Dining Services Requisition form should be forwarded directly to the Food Service Contractor. For your convenience, it may be faxed to 521-0938. Retain a copy in the department for reference purposes.

4.   A copy of the form will be forwarded to Accounts Payable. Upon completion of the event, Food Service Contractor will invoice Accounts Payable for the event and will reference the DS number on the top of the form.

Special Concerns:

No State funds may be used to purchase food items. These functions are handled through Institutional funds or Grant funds. Be sure to check with the Budget Office if you are not sure. NOTE: Not all Grant Accounts are set up to allow food items. Be sure to check prior to requisitioning.

Allow adequate time for for the Food Service Contractor to order any needed food items.

Be sure to notify the Food Service Contractor as soon as possible with a final count.

The Food Service Contractor will not be held responsible for events that do not have the proper Request for Dining Services form on file.