Nachiket Bhawe, Ph.D.

Nachiket Bhawe

Nachiket Bhawe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

James A. Thomas Hall, 259



 Dr. Nachiket Bhawe builds on his experience as a founder and mentor to many entrepreneurial ventures to focus on questions of practical relevance in addition to academic significance. Whether the intention is to accumulate wealth or to address pressing social causes, this transformation is made possible by the powerful forces of self-determination that entrepreneurship characteristically unleashes, whereby individuals conceive innovative ideas, organize production, assume risk, and engage customers and others whom they want to impact, often across national borders.

His research has been published in top journals of the field like the Journal of Applied Psychology, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Small Business Economics, and Journal of Business Venturing among others. He has presented at numerous universities and international conferences and his current work focus at the intersection of strategy and entrepreneurship with a focus on studying how organizations can scale by leveraging knowledge of individuals.


  1. Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

PhD in Business Administration                                                                                    2012

  1. Penn State University

M.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering                                                                         2003

  1. University of Mumbai, India

Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial)                                                                             2001


  1. Co-founder (with Sateri Systems LLC), Raleigh, NC 2015-

Dorem Ipsum LLC: Design solutions company.

  1. Project Manager, AMF Automation LLC, Richmond, VA 2003-2005

Factory Automation solutions provider for the Food Industry, Clients handled included Kraft, Tyson Foods, Kroger Foods.

  1. Co-founder (with Paul Boyd), Richmond, VA 2004-2005

AMF Sim Selling manufacturing system simulation to factory automation companies serving the food industry

  1. Industrial and Robotics Engineer. Godrej and Boyce Ltd., Mumbai, India 1999-2001


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    1. Profiled in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter’ 09 (p. 16)
    1. Profiled in The Economist, Feb 2009 Issue.
    1. Mentioned in the IIM Bangalore Digest 2020.


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  1. Bhawe, N. M., Zahra, S., Bruton, G., & Chen C. 2020. Protectionist policies and the diversity of entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics, Forthcoming


GRANTS, AwARDS, and Honors

  1. 2019 IIMB Grant for Research on Demonetization and MFI Scaling in India
  1. 2014-2016 Faculty Research and Professional Development Grant
  1. 2012 Kauffman Promising Paper Award
  1. Ewing Marion Kauffman Grant (Principal Investigator) for Studying Resource Sequencing
  1. 2010 University of Minnesota Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship
  1. 2010 Carlson School of Business Dissertation Fellowship
  1. 2009 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship (awarded to the top 15 thesis in entrepreneurship all over the US
  1. 2005 Ponder Scholarship, University of Missouri



  1. Small Business Management MGT 4100 (2020)
  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship-MIE 310 & ENTRE 2000 (2012-2020) (Online/Facet to Face )
  1. Business Policy and Strategy Capstone-MIE 480 (2014, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  1. New Venture Planning-MIE 410 (Spring 2016-2018)
  1. Decision Analytic Practicum-EGR 590 (2017)
  1. Applied Technology Entrepreneurship-MGMT 4080 (Spring 2009; Spring 2010)
  1. Fundamentals of Management- MGMT 3000 (Summer 2006)