James J. Hudson

Dr. James Hudson

Dr. James J. Hudson

Associate Professor, Asian Studies Minor Coordinator

Dial Humanities Building, 209



A member of UNCP’s History Department since 2018, Dr. James Hudson’s doctoral research focused on the history and modernization of Changsha, the capital city of China’s Hunan province during the early twentieth century. His current book project is titled Under Siege: Standard Oil in Nationalist South China, 1915-1928, and details the history of the kerosene trade in China. Since completing his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (2015), he has taught at Knox College (2015-2016), the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (2016-2018) and at Pepperdine University (Summer 2016). For the 2022-2023 academic year he was the recipient of an Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award. He teaches courses at UNCP that introduce and engage students with the history and cultural traditions of China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. He speaks Mandarin and is a former United States Marine.

Recent selected publications include:

“Beyond the Wall: Mapping Christian Fundamentalism in Hunan During the 1920s,” in The Chinese Historical Review (Spring 2023), Volume 30, No. 1, 17-35.

“Jiayou (加油) for the Lamps of Republican China: Seizures of Kerosene during the Northern Expedition, 1926-28,” in The American Review of China Studies. (Spring 2022). Volume 23, No. 1, 44-64.

“The Early War of Resistance and the Changsha YMCA, 1937-41,” in the Journal of Chinese Military History. (Spring 2017). Volume 6 (2017), 92-114.

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