Ethan Clewis

Ethan Clewis

Ethan Clewis


Lumberton, NC


Ethan grew up in Robeson County and heard negative stereotypes about the college most of his life. However, despite being accepted into other universities, UNCP was his first choice. Ethan loved how close the university was to his family. He also appreciated the smaller population on campus. He saw this as an opportunity to connect with faculty and make meaningful relationships that would not be possible at larger universities. In attending UNCP, Ethan is grateful for the lower tuition costs, but overall the community on campus between the student body and faculty has made him glad he chose UNCP. 

In December of 2019, Ethan graduated with a BA in history. Ethan received many scholarships during his collegiate experience, including The Greg and Gail Allen Scholarship in History, the North Carolina Tire Dealers Association Scholarship, and the American Tire Distributors Scholarship. Ethan was also recognized on the Chancellor’s List for six semesters and received the Gold Academic Achievement Award for three years. He was a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society and Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, as well. Ethan completed three internships through a grant provided by the NC State Employees' Credit Union. He worked at the United Way of Robeson County, the Robeson County Church and Community Center, and the Lumberton Visitors Bureau. 

Ethan’s favorite aspect, and what he believed to be most rewarding, of the Honors College was the specific courses available only to members of the Honors College. He pointed out that the classes were taught in a different fashion than normal sections, and the honors faculty were always willing to help students. Ethan was surprised by the effort the faculty of the Honors College showed to build a community among the honors students. When he joined the Honors College, Ethan did not expect there would be so many trips, socials, and events offered to strengthen the ties between the honors students. 

After taking two American history classes that covered the American Revolution, Ethan was inspired to center his senior project around the impact George Washington had on the relationship between the Continental Congress and the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Ethan wanted to explore Washington’s relationship with both entities in greater detail. 

Ethan is planning on attending law school after his graduation from UNCP. He is undecided on whether he will attend UNC Chapel Hill or Campbell University to obtain his Master of Laws degree. He plans to become a prosecuting attorney, with hopes to one day become a judge. Ethan encourages every honors student, and prospective honors students, to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Honors College: “Don’t hesitate to attend functions that will bring you closer to your peers, because they could one day be a great help to you at UNCP.” 

Senior Project
Mentor:  Mark Thompson
Bridging the Gap:  George Washington's Impact on Civil Authority over the Military