Dr. Maria Pereira

Dr. Maria Pereira

Dr. Maria Pereira

Associate Professor

Oxendine Science Building, 2217



Plant Breeding and Genetics, Sustainable Agriculture
Research Project: CRISPR editing gene regulatory elements in the model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana
Collaborators: Drs. Seth O’Conner, Timothy Anderson, and Maria Pereira

We are looking for undergraduate researchers to join our CRISPR project in studies of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.  With the discovery of the CRISPR system, we can now precisely target and edit the genomes of multicellular organisms. Our project uses a CRISPR technique called cis-editing, which targets regulatory elements near genes, unlike other CRISPR techniques that target the genes themselves. This project will give undergraduate researchers the ability to develop their molecular biology and bioinformatics skills using the ever-popular CRISPR system while working on a project that aims to identify and develop important crop biotechnology traits.
Student opportunities: Summer, Fall/Spring.

Dr. Maria Pereira: Plant Breeding and Genetics

I am a plant breeder and geneticist with research interests that focus on all aspects of Sustainable Agriculture.  My training involves Plant Genetics with specialization in the areas of Physiology, Pathology, and Virology.  I am looking for students with an interest in any aspect of plants and/or crop research.
Student opportunities: Summer (1), Fall/Spring (1).