Abigail B. Reiter

Abby Reiter

Abigail B. Reiter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Sampson Academic Building, 214



Dr. Abigail Reiter (she/her) earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Virgina, her MA in Public Sociology from UNC Wilmington, and her PhD in Public Sociology from George Mason University (with a focus on institutions and inequalities). She teaches a variety of courses, including Sociological Theory, Sociological Writing and Rhetoric, Exploring Masculinities, Sociological Social Psychology, and Gender and Society. Dr. Reiter typically uses qualitative methodology to examine various types of interpersonal and institutional oppression, such as racism, heteronormativity, and sexism, and the maintenance of power (ie. white privileges) associated with these systems. She co-authored two textbooks: Introduction to Sociological Theory: Concepts and Application (2024) and Introduction to Health Inequalities: A Social Science Approach (2021, 2023). She is heavily involved with social justice and inclusion initiatives at the university and is a member of multiple boards and committees devoted to advancing sociological knowledge. Dr. Reiter is also active in national and regional sociological organizations, including the NC Sociological Association, where she currently serves as Past-President. Human and animal justice are very important to Dr. Reiter. Outside of academia, Abby enjoys running, working out, being in nature, creating art, practicing yoga, and spending time with her loved ones, including her family, friends, and her cats.