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Erika Young

Dr. Erika Young

Dr Erika Young


Oxendine Science Building, 2224



My research interests vary from dragonflies and damselflies (Odonates) in rivers, lakes, ponds, and bogs, to oyster reef habitats, to meiofauna.  Odonates are fascinating organisms exhibiting territoriality and complex mating patterns.  I am currently collaborating with Western Carolina University to revisit previously sampled habitats for a rare dragonfly, Ladona julia.  This species was first collected by me in graduate school and has since become a new state record.  I would love the opportunity to find other larvae and adults. 

I have also completed research on meiofauna on oyster shells.  Meiofauna are very small organisms that live in between sand grains.  Special sieves and techniques must be used to separate them from their surroundings.  Oysters release pseudofeces that may support meiofaunal communities but meiofauna can be found everywhere, including the sandy beach along our coast!