UNCP IncludED program will deliver savings, course materials to students, beginning Fall 2023

UNCP launches IncludED textbook program
UNCP launches IncludED textbook program

Being prepared for classes has never been so easy! This fall, UNCP students will save money and have faster, easier access to their textbooks and course materials through the recently launched program UNCP IncludED.

An affordable and equitable access initiative, UNCP IncludED conveniently includes the costs for all required books and course materials in the semester’s tuition and fees, ensuring that enrolled students have everything they need on the first day of classes. Students will receive an email when their digital materials are available and physical textbooks are ready for pickup at the UNCP Bookstore.

And because of the low, $28.50 per credit hour charge and a 12-credit hour cap—that’s $342 a semester—many students will receive all their required course materials for about the cost of one new textbook.

“The UNCP IncludED program compliments other university efforts to meet student needs and enable academic success,” said Gabe Eszterhas, vice chancellor for Finance and Administration. “The program is an evolution of the ‘inclusive access’ program in place over the past few years and mirrors similar programs across the country and at three other UNC system universities. With charges for textbooks shown on the student’s account, financial aid can be applied to directly cover textbook costs. Otherwise, a student may need to await a refund before purchasing textbooks. This feature also allows course material charges to be added to payment plans. We are excited about this initiative, but we also plan to monitor it to ensure it is meeting our students’ needs,” Eszterhas said.

Follett Corporation manages the UNCP Bookstore and administers similar programs at colleges and universities across the country.

“What makes the Follett Access model so significant is not only the way it targets convenience and affordability but how it genuinely impacts a student’s overall sense of well-being, preparedness and confidence in the classroom,” said Follett Higher Education President Ryan Petersen. “We’re excited to partner with The University of North Carolina at Pembroke to bring their program to life and help make a difference in their student’s success.”

UNCP IncludED is an “all-in” or “all-out” option for each semester. Students will automatically be enrolled at the beginning of each term but will have the option to opt out for that term if they want to purchase books and course materials outside of the program. Opt-out directions and deadlines will be sent to students via their UNCP email accounts.

Classes begin Wednesday, Aug. 16. The last day to opt out of UNCP IncludED for the fall semester is Tuesday, Aug. 22.