Graduate Program

The Department of Kinesiology offers four program tracks: Master of Science in Athletic Training (no longer admitting students), a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Physical Education , M.A.T in Physical Education, and Exercise/Sports Administration. Students interested are assigned a graduate advisor within the department and complete all content courses housed in the department. 

The MAT in Health and Physical Education is a 30-credit hour program that allows people with bachelor’s degree an opportunity to attain initial licensure in Health/PE. This program is designed to meet licensure requirements such as Praxis II and edTPA in as little as four semesters. Students in this track will learn best pedagogical practices in the gym and classroom setting. The culmination of coursework will result in a semester long internship in which students can utilize information garnered throughout the program. Students can complete courses in online or in person. All courses can be completed online (with the exception of two hybrid courses). 

The MA in Physical Education is a 36-credit hour program for anyone who has a degree in physical education already. This program will facilitate a knowledge and understanding of the field. In addition, the program will seek to broaden undergraduate physical education preparation, and to that end, will be a multi-disciplinary approach to prepare for the teaching of health and physical education at all levels of learning and curriculum preparation.  Degree completers may want to teach at the collegiate level or hone best teaching practices. Students in this track will complete a thesis and present their findings to faculty. 

The Exercise and Sport Administration program offers opportunities for students to investigate those associated fields at a more intense level than an undergraduate program can provide to students. Students in this program may want to be an athletic director, media relations director, guest services manager, or facilities director. Faculty members provide in-depth coursework for graduate students in a variety of sub-disciplinary areas including exercise science, sport psychology, recreation, sport management, and sport leadership. Students in this program complete a thesis in the final semester and present the result from the research project to faculty. 

Graduate students should refer to the following documents for important policies and procedures related the Department of Kinesiology graduate programs and capstone thesis.  

The Department of Kinesiology makes every effort to provide an efficient plan for degree program completion and ensures that all courses are available each year to facilitate graduate students' progress.  The plan available below outlines the planned graduate courses available for students over the next several semesters.  Please note that summer classes must have at least 6 students to be taught and courses during the academic year are subject to be cancelled for low enrollment as well.