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BraveNation: UNCP offices will be closed on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday, Aug. 11, 8 a.m.-noon. Normal operating hours resume Friday.

Nursing - CLC Contract

Simulation Contract: The University of North Carolina (UNCP) Department of Nursing has incorporated simulated experiences throughout my curriculum to best represent actual client situations. During these simulated experiences, the roles of clients, family and members of the interprofessional team are fulfilled by students, volunteers, faculty and/or mannequins, and I am expected to engage with these actors and/or simulators in a professional and realistic manner. The simulation mannequins are to be used with respect and be treated as if they were real clients. Situations simulated in the lab are to be used as learning experiences; thus, I will respect the roles of my faculty and peers as well as volunteers and follow the Clinical Learning Center’s Code of Conduct/Behavior during all simulated experiences.
Confidentiality Agreement: As a user of the clinical learning center, I understand the significance of confidentiality with respect to information concerning simulated clients and fellow students. I will uphold all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and any other federal or state laws regarding confidentiality. I agree to report any violation(s) of confidentiality that I become aware of to my instructor or facilitator and I agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined below:
  • All client information, actual or simulated, is considered confidential and any inappropriate viewing, discussion or disclosure of this information is a violation of UNCP Department of Nursing policy.
  • The simulation center is a learning environment. All scenarios, regardless of their outcome, should be treated in a professional manner. Situations simulated in the lab are to be used as a learning tool and not to be used for humiliation of fellow students.
  • I am not to remove, release or make publicly available any documented (written or electronic), observed or recorded client or student information that may be accessible to me as part of a simulated learning experience.
  • Simulation and debriefing sessions may be audiotaped and/or videotaped. This recorded information is privileged and confidentiality must be maintained at all times.
Simulation Learning Contract and Confidentiality Agreement
Student Contract
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