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Field Experience

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During your time in the Educator Preparation Program you will have multiple opportunities to engage, hands-on, with students in the classroom through various field experiences.

You will apply for field experience each semester through the Brave Educator Dashboard in order to receive a placement from the Educator Engagement and Student Success Office. Because you will be completing these experiences in the K-12 educational setting, various background check documents are due. It is important that you adhere to the required deadlines in order to ensure a timely placement.

Current School Employees: Even if you are employed within the school setting, you are still asked to submit a field experience placement request. For many counties, you will not need to complete additional documentation (except for Cumberland and Hoke).

Not sure how many hours you are supposed to complete? Check out the Undergraduate and MAT licensure checkpoints (below) which detail out your progression through the Educator Preparation Program.

Submitting your Field Experience Request

  • Field Experience 101(Click here for a step by step guide to submitting your request)

    • If you are enrolled in multiple courses that require field experience, please just submit ONE request.
  • CLICK HERE to view and download the required background check documents.
  • Upload Background Check forms HERE

**If you are a non-education major in a core course, please email Dr. Leslie Locklear (**

Checking the Status of Your Request

You can visit the Brave Educator Dashboard and navigate to the "Field Experience" tab to check the status of your request. You will see one of the following:

  • Blank: A request was not submitted
  • Awaiting Background Documents: Our office does not have the required background documents in order to request your placement
  • Under Review: Our office has received your request, approved your documents, and we are working on your placement with the district.
  • Confirmed: Your placement has been  confirmed and you can reach out to the listed educator to begin completing your hours.