Frederick Feely II


Student Degree


Student Major

Biology with a Molecular Biology track

Student Hometown

Durham, NC


I've always had a fascination with detail and the mechanics of how things work. There is an incredible amount of knowledge to be learned, and I have seen that through science, one can gain insights to this knowledge. I also have an affinity for detail.  Because of this, I took a liking to physics and chemistry in both late middle school and high school. When presented with biology, I became passionate about how subatomic particles and fields result in the massive amount of complexity found in biology. 

My major interest is the use of biophysical, pharmaceutical, and biochemical techniques for drug analysis and gene therapy. I've always been fascinated about how viruses, despite not being alive (as defined by the majority of scientists), have developed complex mechanisms for bypassing defenses of immunity and have the ability to incorporate genes of their hosts to further their own survival. 

I was given the opportunity to conduct research with the RISE Program at UNC Pembroke during the summer of 2016.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Conner Sandefur, I've gained experience with a variety of microbiological laboratory techniques, as well as insight into the process of composing a new project and experiencing the process of composing a project and researching new methodologies for each experiment. 

Why did I choose to attend UNCP?

I chose to attend UNCP based on the capacity for strong mentor-student relationships. Because of the University’s smaller size, faculty and students are able to work together in most of the majors. This is an opportunity that many other schools often lack. 

What do I like best about UNCP?

As mentioned above, I like that faculty mentors are able to take an active part in students’ development. 

What are my post-graduation plans?

After graduate school, I envision myself working to create new pharmaceuticals that combat or aid in studying different viruses that are contracted throughout the world. 

 Frederick Feely in longleaf pine savannaFrederick Feely and Sandefur Lab visit natural area
Frederick Feely in longleaf pine savanna (left photo) and sampling medicinal plants with the Sandefur Lab (right photo)





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