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Strike at the Wind!


Strike at the Wind!, a Robeson County musical outdoor drama ran from the 1970s until 2007. The drama, which told the true story of the Lowrie War, one of the most important events in North Carolina history, opens in 1865, at the end of the Civil War. In the play, Henry Berry Lowrie, a 17-year old Lumbee Indian boy, is confronted with the unjustified murder of his father and brother at the hands of the Confederate Home Guard.

Elmer Hunt served as the official photographer for the production during the years covered in this series. His photographs recorded actors, scenes, and activities related to the production, such as a Fundraiser Dinner at Sheff's, a local seafood restaurant, in 1984.

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Photo Description: Guests attending the marriage of Rhoda Strong and Henry Berry Lowrie, officiated by Hector McCord (Justice of the Peace). From left to right: Hope Sheppard (Rhoda Strong Lowrie, part Tuscarora Indian and Henry's wife), Melton Lowery (Henry Berry Lowrie, leader of the Lowrie Gang), and Mike Woodall (Hector McCord) standing in front of the couple. These were cast members in the 1981 productionof Strike at the Wind!


Public Schools of Surrounding Counties

public_schools.jpgThis is a small collection of photographs from nearby public high schools that are outside Robeson County. There are photos from a Black Beauty Pageant that was held at the Scotland County High School in May 1984. There are photographs from the 1960s of activities, such as Homecoming, at Hoke County Public Schools. There are a couple of photographs of the Southview School Band at Pembroke State University in 1983. Southview is a member of the Cumberland Count Public School System. View the complete inventory of the collection.

Public Schools of Robeson County

public_schools.jpgThere are many pictures from various Robeson County public schools that were in existence during this time period. The schools covered include Ashpole-Southside, Deep Branch, Fairgrove, Green Grove, Hilly Branch, Les Maxwell, Oxendine, Pembroke Elementary, Pembroke Junior High, Pembroke Senior High, Piney Grove, Prospect, Red Springs, Rex-Rennert, Shoe Hill (also known as Sugar Hill), South Robeson, Tanglewood, Union Chapel, Union Elementary, and West Robeson. View the complete inventory of the collection.

Lumbee Regional Development Association

lrda.jpgThis series consists of approximately 5,900 miscellaneous LRDA-related images. Established in 1968, the Lumbee Regional Development Association, Inc. (LRDA) was created to provide services for the Lumbee Indian communities. For many years, the LRDA Board of Directors served as the governing body of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. LRDA is the main sponsor for the Lumbee Homecoming, Lumbee pageants, powwows , and other Indian cultural events in the area. Therefore, the pictures in this series cover a range of activities that were sponsored by LRDA during the 1970s and 1980s. View the complete inventory of the collection.


Photo Description: (left) Florence Ransom, who served, for many years, as the chaperone and business manager for Miss Lumbee, and (right) Ken Maynor, the Executive Director of Lumbee Regional Development Association (LRDA), presenting a check to Jackie Jacobs (middle), winner of the 1981 Miss Lumbee pageant. Photo dated August 17, 1981.


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churches.jpgThis series consists of approximately 1,300 images of local churches, people, and activities. It includes images of over 40 churches of various denominations, such as Baptist, Methodist, Holiness, and Church of God. There are images of some of the pastors of the churches, the members, and a variety of church activities. Some of the churches included in the series are Ashpole Methodist Church, Burnt Swamp Baptist Church, Evergreen Holiness Church, Greenpine Freewill Baptist Church, Harpers Ferry Baptist Church, the Latter Day Saints Church, and Saddletree Church of God. Some of the pastors in the series include Reverend Tony Brewington of First Baptist Church, Reverend Millard Maynor of the Church of God, Reverend Tommy Haggans of Elrod Baptist Church, and Bruce Swett of Reedy Branch Baptist Church. There are also images from an assortment of church activities, such as White Bible Service, Bible Camp, Vacation Bible School, Christmas pageants, Easter programs, Homecomings, and Tent Revivals. View the complete inventory of the collection.


Photo Description: First Baptist Church. Vacation Bible School group, May 1968.


Carolina Indian Voice

civ.jpgThe Carolina Indian Voice, a weekly newspaper published in Pembroke, was established on January 18, 1973. It was published until 2005 and is one of North Carolina's oldest American Indian newspapers. The newspaper was primarily run by the members of the Barton family, including Bruce Barton, who served as editor from the founding of the newspaper in 1973 to 1988 when his sister, Connee Barton Brayboy, took over the editorship. This series in the Elmer Hunt Photograph Collection contains approximately 1,233 images that were used in the newspaper to accompany articles. These images cover various activities such as ribbon cutting ceremonies for local businesses, parades, protests, graduations, auto races, football games, and birthday parties. View the complete inventory of the collection.


Photo Description: Ten Year Celebration for Carolina Indian Voice, heldat Pembroke Senior High School. Autographed copies of Mr. Barton’s new book, An Indian Manifesto, were sold at the event. Standing is Barbara Barton.Seated at the table, left to right, are Bruce Barton, Connee Barton Brayboy, and Samuel Kerns. The two women customers are unidentified, but, the guest speaker for the evening, Arlinda Locklear, can be seen standing on the far right. Date: January 22, 1983.


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The Elmer W. Hunt Photograph Collection

hunt.jpgThe original Elmer W. Hunt Photograph Collection contained over 53,000+ negatives for photos taken by long-time University and community photographer, the late Elmer William Hunt, a local photographer who graduated from the University in 1953 when it was Pembroke State College and who served as the University’s photographer from 1953 to1973. The collection contains thousands of photographs of University activities. There are also many photographs that were taken in the local schools and throughout the community, including at parades, weddings, and funerals. View the complete inventory of the collection.

The development of this digital collection was supported by grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the federal Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.



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