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Study Abroad for a Semester or a Year

  • Do you love adventure?
  • Are you interested in international events?
  • Do you enjoy meeting people from other cultures?
  • Are you planning to get a great job when you graduate?
  • Have you considered studying abroad?

UNCP exchange

Study abroad is not out of reach. When you choose to study at one of our partner universities, you get an affordable study abroad experience.

  • Pay the same tuition & fees you would normally pay if you were on campus (room and board costs vary by program)
  • Make new friends and enjoy the opportunity to connect with students who have come to UNCP during previous semesters


Study Abroad in the United Kingdom:

Bangor University

       Bangor University





       Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University







Study Abroad in Germany:

       University of Mannheim, School of Humanities 

University of Mannheim






        The University of Ludwigsburg University of Ludwigsburg






Study Abroad in Sweden:


       Umea University Umea University






       Linnaeus University Linnaeus University





Study Abroad in South Korea:


       University of Seoul  University of Seoul







"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." Danny Kaye


Study Abroad with a Consortium:

These networks give students hundreds of options for studying abroad.



  • 300 institutions in 42 countries
  • summer, semester or full year programs
  • programs available in English and foreign languages
  • UNCP tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad), room and board, resulting in the most affordable option for study abroad
  • application fee required
  • It is recommended that you work on your ISEP application a full year before you intend to study abroad

MagellanThe Magellan Exchange Program 

  • 20 institutions in 12 countries plus others for summer and short-term offerings
  • summer, semester or full year programs
  • programs available in English and foreign languages
  • UNCP tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) and your your host institution's room and board (this could make your experience cheaper than a semester at UNCP, depending on cost of living in your host country)
  • application fee required


The Study Abroad Coordinator is happy to help, so make an appointment today!