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International Programs
International Programs
UNCP Home Student Services International International Programs Policies Guidelines for Hosting Visiting International Faculty/Scholars for Extended Stays
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Guidelines for Hosting Visiting International Faculty/Scholars for Extended Stays

1.1 UNCP assists UNCP faculty/staff and departments/colleges interested in inviting visiting international faculty members and research scholars to the UNCP Campus. The guidelines below have been implemented in order to ensure that the visiting faculty members and research scholars transition to life in Pembroke and the USA smoothly. These guidelines are for visiting faculty members and research scholars who will be resident on the UNCP campus or surrounding community for three weeks or more, and are not intended for faculty/scholars who are coming to UNCP for a lecture or short lecture series or for short term consulting purposes. 

2.1 The regulation applies to International Programs and any UNC Pembroke department that is interested in hosting an international faculty or scholar.
3.1 Sponsors- Each visiting faculty member and research scholar needs to have a sponsor on the UNCP campus – an individual faculty member, a department or a college separate from and not including UNCP and its staff.

3.1.1 The sponsor serves as the first point of contact for the visitor and is responsible for filling out the “Request for Generating a DS2019” form and “Sample Invitation Letter”. This form includes a description of the proposed research and/or teaching activity. The signature of the sponsor and the sponsor’s Dean or Campus Supervisor is required on the form. UNCP will use this form to prepare the necessary forms so that the visitor can obtain a J1 exchange visitor visa.

3.1.2 The sponsor should make arrangements for office space if needed. 
3.1.3 Assistance with research, introductions to faculty/staff and departments and a tour of campus facilities are the responsibility of the sponsor. 


4.1 Visiting faculty who are not US citizens or permanent residents will need to secure J1 visas if they are intending to stay in the US for an extended period of time such as a full semester or academic year, though shorter periods (longer than three weeks) may also fall into these guidelines.

4.2 The Center for International Programs will prepare the necessary immigration paperwork for the visiting faculty member or research scholar so that they can apply for the J1 visa in their home country.

4.2.1 In order to do this The Center for International Programs will need to know how the visiting faculty member will support their stay in the USA, the purpose of their stay at UNCP and who is sponsoring their visit.

4.3 Financial support can be documented with letters of support from their government or place of employment, scholarships/grants, support for the sponsoring department/college, or personal funds.

4.3.1 Funds must be sufficient to cover living expenses, health insurance and travel at a minimum. If the visiting faculty member or research scholar will be taking classes for credit it will be necessary to demonstrate that additional funds have been allocated for this purpose or that arrangements have been made to have tuition expenses waived.

4.3.2 Departments/Colleges planning to provide financial support for visiting faculty members and research scholars will be responsible for arranging the payment of salary or stipend.