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International Programs
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Create a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program


The International Programs office at UNCP welcomes the participation of faculty in the creation of academic Study Abroad opportunities for UNCP students. Creating a Study Abroad opportunity is a great way to take your discipline and interests out of the classroom and into the field. Nothing beats using the world as both your classroom, and resource, reifying fundamental aspects of instruction while also affording your students not only a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience that they will never forget, but also the opportunity to obtain, or sharpen, the international skills so important in today's global economy.passport 


Got an idea for a great international opportunity? International Programs is here to help you from conception to pre-departure and return. Simply make an appointment to discuss your ideas with the staff, complete the required proposal form, and you are on your way. Ideally, the sooner you start, the better so as to guarantee both a highly-successful result and the chance to get the word out to students and their parents as early as possible.


For Maymester and Summer programs they must be fully-planned, approved, and ready for marketing by November 1.

  • This will allow students the opportunity to discuss plans with their families, and to obtain passports and any other documents that are required.
  • Travel items also make great gifts at the holidays.

Spring break programs must be fully-planned, approved, and promotion-ready for the start of Fall classes by October 1.


As part of the proposal process, and in the interest of full disclosure and University liability, all faculty-led Study Abroad programs for UNCP students must have the written approval of the following:

  • Originating department's chairperson.
  • Originating school's dean.
  • UNCP Study Abroad coordinator.
  • UNCP Director of International Programs.
  • UNCP Provost.
  • UNCP Chancellor (As may be required).

Note: So as not to cause confusion and ill-will amongst students and parents, faculty-led programs may not be advertised or promoted until the approval process has been completed.


Per University Counsel, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke does not authorize programs in locations currently under Travel Warnings issued by the United States Department of State. Programs in locations under Travel Alerts are subject to special review and consideration by International Programs in concert with UNCP University Counsel, and (if approved) may be further reviewed at any time.



Robyn Deemer, Study Abroad Coordinator.