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Division of Information Technology


Blackboard is the primary course management system students and professors use to provide course materials for online courses at UNC Pembroke.  Instructors can make announcements, post tests and assignments, create discussion board forums, and more.

Getting Started

  • Your Blackboard account is created at the same time as your Braveweb account and uses the same username and password.  However, you will not be able to log in to Blackboard until you are registered for classes.
  • If you cannot see a class, make sure it is listed in the Detailed Class Schedule on Braveweb.  If it is not, you will need to contact the Registrar.  Also, courses are populated into Blackboard overnight, so if you have just registered for the class, check the next day.  Verify with the instructor that the class will be on Blackboard and that it has been made visible to students.  If all of this has been done, contact the DoIT Helpdesk.
  • DoIT recommends that the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser be used to work in Blackboard.  It can be downloaded and installed for free.  When taking a test on Blackboard, to minimize the risk of technical difficulties, do not have other browser tabs or windows open.
  • If the navigation menu on the left side of the course page is not visible, as in the picture below, click the arrow indicated to unhide it.


Discussion Board


The main menu of the Discussion Board features a list of Forums. Each forum has a title and, usually, a short description. To enter a forum, you need to click on its title.


Once inside a forum, you have several options:

  • Switch to Tree View/List View: There are two views for the Discussion Board. This guide assumes you are using the default List View.
  • Create a New Thread: The new thread button is the first option on the horizontal bar that runs just below the forum title. This is used to add a new entry into the forum.
  • Collect: By checking the box to the left of each thread, you can create a Collection of threads to read in a separate, easy-to-scroll-through view.
  • Mark Read and Mark Unread: By checking the box to the left of each thread, you can mark them as read or unread.
  • Search: You can search through all the threads to find a phrase.
  • Read a Thread: By clicking the thread’s title you can open a new view in which you can review the entire contents of the thread, including replies.
  • Change Display: Changing this from Published to Show All will let you view your saved drafts. This option is very useful if you start entering a new thread, but are unable to finish.


If you select New Thread, you are taken to a new view where you need to enter a subject and
message for the thread, as well as upload any attachments you want others to have access to.
Finally, you can submit the thread, which posts your message up on the forum. If you select save, this only saves what you have entered to your account and it will not be viewable to others. This is useful if you want to make further changes later before you submit the final draft of the thread.blackboard

If you click on the title, or subject of a thread, you will be
taken to a complete thread view. You can select each
thread or reply by clicking on the subject. You have
many of the same options on this page that are on the
thread main menu, plus some more:


  • Flag / Clear Flag: You can flag note-worthy threads or replies so they will be easier to locate in the future.
  • Reply / Quote: When a message is selected, you have three new buttons that appear to right in the blue border surrounding the message. When you choose to reply / quote, you are replying the message that is currently selected. The only difference between reply and quote is quote will copy the entire original message into your reply. The reply / quote form is exactly like the Add Thread form with all of the exact same inputs and options.