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Division of Information Technology


Email List Information

A listserv or distribution list is an electronic mailing list. Emails sent to the associated address are automatically delivered to everyone who subscribes to it. It is a way to communicate information to a large number of people with similar interests or responsibilities.

The Primary Email Lists

UNCP has six email lists which are "global" in scope and are not limited to a specific department. These lists are as follows:

  • Official Announcements
  • Campus Events
  • Personal Announcements
  • Faculty Discussion
  • Staff Discussion
  • Student

To obtain access to send mail to official.announcements listserv
The Chancellor, vice chancellor or chair of the faculty senate or staff council must approve access to send messages to the new official.announcements listserv.  To obtain access, forward a request to the appropriate individual mentioned above with a description of the types of messages you want to send and a justification of this access. This approved request needs to be forwarded to the DoIT Helpdesk at helpdesk@uncp.edu. Note that one goal of the new model is to limit the number of messages sent to this list, so these requests are considered carefully.

There are a number of other smaller email lists for departments and other specialized organizations on campus. For a full accounting of these please see our Mailing Lists Page. http://listserv.uncp.edu/mailman/listinfo.  The Listserv page is only accessible from campus and via VPN.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to and from an Email List

Enrollment into the Student and Official Announcements email lists should be automatic for Students and Faculty/Staff respectively. All other "global" mailing lists can be subscribed to from BraveWeb by following these instructions steps:

Log into BraveWeb (https://braveweb.uncp.edu/) in your preferred browser
Select “Profile” from the left menu, below “Change Password”
Select “Communication Options” from the left menu.
Select the listservs for which you want to subscribe.
Confirm your selections by clicking on the “Submit” button
Conversely, if you want to unsubscribe to a listserv later, you may follow these steps and deselect those listservs for which you want to unsubscribe.

The Listserv page is only accessible from campus and via VPN.  To review all available department or organization listservs, go to http://listserv.uncp.edu/mailman/listinfo. To subscribe, click on the email list name. There you will find instructions for sending an email to that particular listserv and a form for subscribing to the listserv. Training materials and a quick reference card on how to manage the email list can be found at http://www.uncp.edu/doit/training/guides/mailman.html. Depending upon how the listserv is configured, you may or may not receive a request to confirm your subscription. After confirming your subscription, you will begin receiving emails that are addressed to that email list. If you wish to be removed from a departmental mailing list you can use the "Unsubscribe or Edit Options" button from the very same page you used to subscribe to the mailing list.

Creating a New Mailing List
Please contact Charles Kearney (charles.kearney@uncp.edu) for information about creating a new mailing list for your department or organization.