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    Yesterday evening Piedmont Natural Gas disconnected natural gas service to main campus in order prevent potential hazards. As of this morning, gas service has not been restored. Utility crews are working continuously to repair the segment and restore service as soon as possible.

    It is important to know faculty, staff, students and visitors on campus are not in immediate danger because of any potential gs leaks. The disruption in service may affect some campus activity throughout the day, including dining services. Dining facilities are working to bring in the necessary resources to provide limited hot meal options. We appreciate your patience and will update you as additional information becomes available.

Accessibility Resource Center
Accessibility Resource Center
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Accessibility Resource Center

PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910.521.6695
Fax: 910.521.6891
Relay: 910.521.6695
Email: arc@uncp.edu
Location: D.F. Lowry Building, Room 107



Nicolette Campos

Nicolette Campos, Ed.D 

Email: nicolette.campos@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6695


Jim Kessler

Jim Kessler, MA

ADA Coordinator Consultant
Email: jim.kessler@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.521.6695



Director/ADA Coordinator 
Phone: 910.521.6695


Debbie LoweryDebbie Lowery Bullard, B.S.

Accommodations Coordinator
Email: debbie.bullard@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6695


Shawnda CummingsShawnda Cummings, A.A.S.

Administrative Support Specialist
Web Information Coordinator (WIC)
Email: shawnda.cummings@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.521.6695


Graduate AssistantKimberly Jones, BSW

Graduate Assistant
Email: kimberly.jones@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.521.6695


Graduate AssistantIsrael Herrington, B.A.

Graduate Assistant
Email: israel.herrington@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6695


  This image denotes persons having gone through Safe Zone Education.