Student Affairs

Student Discipline Records

The University maintains for every student who has received any discipline sanctions a written discipline record. The file shall include the nature of the offense, the penalty assessed, and any other pertinent information.

Student Conduct discipline files are housed in the Office of Student Affairs for eight years and are then forwarded to the Registrar’s Office unless the sanction is suspension or expulsion. Suspension and expulsion files are kept in the Student Affairs Office indefinitely. Students suspended or expelled for disciplinary infractions will be entered into the Suspension/Expulsion database at UNC General Administration and will be available to all UNC campuses.

Academic Honor Code violations resulting in conviction will be kept in the Student Affairs Office for ten years. Pertinent information involving these cases will be transferred to the Registrar’s Office immediately after verdict.

Student discipline records are confidential in accordance with federal and state laws. The contents of the student’s discipline record may not be revealed to anyone not associated with campus discipline except upon written request of the student or a court-ordered subpoena.