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BraveCart coming soon: Powered by SciQuest

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BraveCart coming soon:  Powered by SciQuest

Over the last several months, DoIT has partnered with Business Services and an organization called SciQuest to implement an eProcurement application at UNCP.  Application team member Jonathan Lowery has managed DoIT’s work on this collaborative project.  This application will integrate with Banner to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process for the UNCP campus.  After much debate, the project team has settled on a descriptive name for the application: BraveCart. 

The project team has worked diligently to build BraveCart to fit the needs of UNCP while keeping an eye on a scheduled go-live date driven by the UNC system-wide project of late January 2011.  BraveCart will provide UNCP faculty and staff the ability to do online purchasing for university needs using a “shopping cart” process.  BraveCart will provide 24/7 availability with a fast, simplified requisitioning process.  BraveCart will enable shoppers to select items from electronic vendor catalogs, and prices displayed will be UNCP’s contracted costs. 

The UNC SciQuest team visited November 10th and 12th to hold a focus group to provide an overview of the application and to demonstrate the results of the hard work completed on BraveCart’s development.  The test users seemed thrilled to have an opportunity to move around in BraveCart using a Web browser and to see all that it had to offer.  The users were able to log into BraveCart, add items to their shopping carts and create requisitions.  The users who were set up as approvers were then able to approve these requisitions online.  Everyone had a chance to get into the holiday spirit of purchasing numerous items and fortunately, no one had to pay for anything as it was all done in a test environment.  Unfortunately, that won’t be the case when BraveCart goes live in late January 2011.

DoIT was also able to work with SciQuest and UNC General Administration to install an open source software package called Shibboleth.  Shibboleth will allow all users to log into BraveCart using their existing UNCP username and password.

By Jonathan Lowery, Applications Developer