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Ways the Career Center Can Help You

Partnering With UNCP Faculty

There are many opportunities for the Career Center to help faculty and for faculty to help the Career Center so that, together, we can help students. Our services can help you:

  • Recruit students to your academic program. The Career Center encourages students to consider a variety of disciplines that match their interests and abilities when deciding on a major. Any information you provide to our center will in turn be provided as a resource to students.
  • Communicate to your students the services available in the Career Center. Career Center staff can help you become familiar with the services we offer so you can tell your students about them and answer questions from your students. A listing and explanation of our services is available on this website.
  • Refer students to the Career Center. Being aware of available services will help you to know when to refer your students to the Career Center and to determine which service(s) they may need. Our services are available to all students in all stages of the career development process from freshman year to senior year and beyond. If you have a student that you wish to refer to the Career Center, please have the individual contact us to make an appointment, or stop in to visit with us. Please feel free to call us personally to relay pertinent information if you feel it will help us assist the student better.
  • Cover your class when you are away. Don’t cancel that class! The Career Center staff will take attendance for you and teach one of a variety of career development topics of your choice. Topics include choosing a major, resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, job search skills, portfolio development and presentation, getting into graduate school, etc. (Requests should be made 2 weeks in advance). 
  • Present resume writing tips to your students. Any faculty member who teaches resume writing in their classes can get up-to-date information and handouts on resume writing from the Career Center. Those instructors teaching resume writing are encouraged to attend one of our resume workshops, or better yet, invite one of our staff members to present the topic for you!
  • Stay up-to-date with our schedule of events. All of our workshops are listed in the Events section under on our Web site. You will also receive email reminders of all upcoming Career Center events including the Career Expo, on-campus recruiting, and workshops.
  • Know what employers expect and are seeking from candidates. The Career Center keeps an annual list of the top skills and personal values employers seek in entry-level candidates. By knowing what skills employers are seeking, faculty can assign projects that help their students hone those highly sought skills.
  • Keep abreast of the latest employment trends. The Career Center can provide the latest employment information available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a quarterly Salary Survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
  • Track the employment rate of the graduates from your major. Every year, the Career Center surveys graduates from the previous year to learn where they are and what they’re doing. Survey results for individual academic departments/majors are kept on file and made available at your request.
  • Serve as a reference for students. Click here for tips for providing references. Scroll down to the section for “Reference Providers (faculty, college administrative staff, and employers)”.
  • Write letters of recommendation. Click here for a sample faculty reference letter/letter of recommendation.
  • Dispel career myths. Many students, parents, and even professors have preconceived notions about what theCareer Center does. Click here for a reality to the myths.