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Disc Golf Course

UNCP’s disc golf course is located on the north side of campus, situated on and adjacent to the Pine Cottage location. It is an 9-hole course that is free and open to the campus community.The course is open from sun up to sun down and is not reservable without special permission from Campus Recreation. Please note that is an alcohol-free location, and we ask that you please show sensitivity to the environment when using the course. For a printable course map and score card please click the icon to the right.


Basic Disc Golf Rules

  • Hole-Out: To complete a hole, disc must land in basket or chains.

  • Tee off must be from T-pad. Player farthest away throws first.

  • A disc lying over 2 meters above the ground is penalized 1 stroke and is played directly below the lie ("lie above ground").

  • On subsequent throws the foot closest to the hole must be on or within 11" directly behind the lie.

  • Disc coming to rest completely out of play area is out of bounds is a 1 stroke penalty.

  • Play next shot 1 meter from point where disc crossed out of bounds line.

  • Out of bounds is considered sidewalks, roads and parking lots.

  • A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any one throwing across sand volleyball court.

Disc Golf Course
Disc Golf Course