Campus Recreation

Club Sports

Purpose of Club Sports?
Club Sports are for currently enrolled UNCP students who are interested in a long-term playing period, in comparison to a shorter intramural season.  Teams typically compete throughout both fall and spring semesters, allowing players more time with their teams and sport of choice.

 Club Sports are unique student organizations in which the overall functions of the organization are student operated. They may be organized for instructional, recreational and/or competitive purposes, and offer a way of finding others who share similar recreational interests.  These clubs have the opportunity to request monetary support and/or use of the University’s facilities for practices/games.  A leadership role within a club sports provides a valuable learning experience through student involvement in fund raising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, leadership, teaching, and scheduling in addition to athletic skill in a particular sport.


Current organized clubs:

  • Club Women’s Basketball
  • Club Men’s Basketball
  • Club Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club Cheer
  • Club Disc Golf
  • Club Paintball
  • Club Women's Soccer
  • Club Men’s Soccer
  • Club Mixed Martial Arts
  • Club Tennis
  • Club Wrestling
  • Swim Team

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