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University of Seoul

Study Abroad in South Korea   

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers the opportunity to study at the University of Seoul for a semester or a year.

The University of Seoul was founded in 1918 and has since been providing higher education opportunities for the intelligent, motivated, and creativeKorea youths of Korea.As a public institution, the University of Seoul is committed to addressing the social, regional, technological, and creative issues of the urbanized world. It has thus dedicated itself to cultivating leaders who will shape the urban future of Korea and the world. The University of Seoul insists on quality and breadth, is committed to both theory and practice, and endorses an openness towards students, unique among Korea's elite institutions. With more than 10,000 students enrolled, theUniversity of Seoul consists of seven undergraduate colleges and almost 90 fields of study in the Graduate School. It offers courses of study in eight schools and twenty seven departments.
The University of Seoul is a public university funded and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Seoul is the economic, political, and cultural center of Korea. It is also the 600-year capital of Korea, a historical city with social, cultural, and physical layers spread out along a vast and complex landscape. The character of the university the faculty, academic programs, and research institutions is shaped by Seoul’s metropolitan dynamic. Its faculty, students, and administrative body is distinguished by a commitment to civic values and a dynamic urban civilization. Along with basic research, it functions as a think-tank in formulating and supporting the major policy goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. With diverse and specific programs that integrate research and policy, practice and education, the University of Seoul seeks a balance between academic and professional concerns, between visionary goals and practical research.



The Korean peninsula’s location lies adjacent to China, and Japan. To be exact, the shortest distance between Korean and Chinese coasts is 200 kilometers and from the southeastern tip of the peninsula, it is also 200 kilometers away to the nearest point on the Japanese coast. The Korean peninsula is roughly 1,030 km (612 miles) long and 175 km (105 miles) wide at its narrowest point. The land area is 99,200 sq / km (38,301 square miles), and it has a population of 48.2 million people (2004). Because of its unique geographical location, this makes Korea very viable piece of land and an international hub of Asia.



Korea's climate is regarded as a continental climate from a temperate standpoint and a monsoonal climate from a precipitation standpoint. The climate of Korea is characterized by four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Requirements to apply:Korea

  • Minimum G.P.A. 2.50
  • Sophomore Standing



Please review the list of course offerings at the University of Seoul.



To learn more about the study abroad opportunity at the University of Seoul in South Korea, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, in the Center for International Programs at, 910.521.6573 or stop by the Center for International Programs Office. You are required to submit:

  • UNCP Application for Study Abroad
  • Application for University of Seoul
  • Certificate of Enrollment from UNCP
  • Academic Reference Letter
  • Official copy of all college transcripts
  • Copy of passport and medical insurance
  • Certificate of Health (University of Seoul)
  • Resume (not required, but recommended)
  • Study Plan
  • Copy of your passport
  • Three Photos (3*4 cm)

You should minimally budget for the following: Korea



You will pay tuition and fees to UNCP and room and board in your host country.


Financial Aid

Students can use their financial Aid for semester or year long programs. Please contact Financial Aid, to determine your financial aid eligibility.